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Under the Patronage of Our Lady

Meeting Outline for the Fatima Cell

  1. PRAYER: Approximately 35-40 minutes for the opening prayers which include:
  1. Come Holy Ghost (prayer or hymn).
  2. The Holy Rosary with meditation on the Mysteries.
  3. Prayers and hymn for each month as prescribed in the CRUSADER BULLETIN. Click on the Monthly Fatima Cell Program link on the left of the page for the current issue.
  1. MEDITATION: Approximately 5 minutes: A short meditation read by one of the members from the book prescribed in the CRUSADER BULLETIN, followed by silent reflection.

  2. OFFICERS' REPORTS: Approximately 5-10 minutes:
  1. The chairman reads any notices or memos received from the Fatima Cell Center or online.
  2. The secretary reads brief minutes of the last meeting. (1-2 minutes)
  3. The treasurer gives a brief financial report. (A voluntary offering is collected after every meeting. One half at least is used to purchase study materials or to fund apostolic action projects; the other half may be donated to the support of the Fatima Cell Center.)
  4. The librarian distributes the study materials to the Cell members and also the Pamphlet-of-the-Month to be distributed by the members. These can be printed from the SalveMariaRegina.info website.
  5. Part of one SALVE MARIA REGINA BULLETIN may read at this time, usually by the chairman or vice-chairman. This is especially important if some part a past bulletin was not covered as a study topic.
  1. STUDY and DISCUSS: Approximately 60 minutes:
  1. LIVING THE FAITH: One member gives a pre-prepared report on the first topic listed in the monthly program in the SALVE MARIA REGINA BULLETIN; the 10 minute report is followed by a 5 minute discussion of questions prepared in advance by the person giving the report. All present should join in active discussion.
  2. LIVING THE MESSAGE OF FATIMA: Another member gives a report on the second topic listed in the Bulletin, followed by questions and discussion, as above.
  3. COURT OF THE QUEEN: The third report is frequently taken from the Sanctoral Cycle of the Liturgical Year, i.e., the feasts of the Saints.
  1. PLAN OF APOSTOLIC ACTION: Approximately 10-15 minutes:
  1. Reports are assigned for the next three meetings.
  2. The librarian is directed to order or print the necessary reference materials for future meetings, and also copies of the Pamphlet-of-the-Month to be distributed by the members, from the Fatima Cell Center.
  3. The Apostolic Action section of the monthly program is reviewed and discussed and appropriate actions (individual, family, Cell group) are planned and details decided upon for their implementation.
  4. Reports of results in any area of apostolic action (distribution of literature, signing of Fatima pledges, conversions, visits to hospitals, etc.) may be given by any member to inspire all present to a greater zeal for souls. (Reports should be kept brief.)
  5. Members are urged to participate in Holy Hours, Vigils of Reparation, special observances of important Feasts of the Church.
  1. CLOSING PRAYERS and HYMN: As listed in the monthly program. (Approximately 5 minutes.)

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