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Short Biographies of selected Saints throughout the Year

Listed Alphabetically: Feastday:
Saint Albert the Great, Bishop and Doctor (RM-46 pg. 3) November 15
Saint Alphonsus Maria Liguori, Bishop and Doctor August 2
Saint Ambrose, Bishop and Doctor December 7
Saint Anastasia, Martyr (commemorated during the Second Mass of Christmas) December 25
Saint Andrew, Apostle November 30
Saint Andrew Bobola, Martyr May 16 or 21
Saint Anne, Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary ... Liturgical Feast July 26
Saint Anselm, Bishop and Doctor April 21
Saint Anthony of Padua, the Wonder Worker, Doctor June 13
Saint Athanasius, Bishop and Doctor May 2
Saint Augustine, Bishop and Doctor August 28
Saint Bartholomew, Apostle August 24
Saint Basil the Great, Bishop and Doctor June 14
Saint Bernadette Soubirous (within the article on Our Lady of Lourdes) May 20
Saint Bernardine of Siena May 20
Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, Abbot and Doctor August 20
Saint Bonaventure, Bishop and Doctor July 14
Saint Boniface, Bishop and Martyr June 5
Saint Callistus I, Pope and Martyr October 14
Saint Canute, King and Martyr January 19
Saint Casimir March 4
Saint Charles Borromeo, Bishop November 4
Saint Clement I, Pope and Martyr November 23
Saint Clotilde June 3
Saints Cornelius, Pope and Cyprian, Bishop, Martyrs September 16
Saints Cosmas and Damian, Martyrs September 27
Saints Cyril and Methodius, Bishops July 7
Saint Cyril of Alexandria, Bishop and Doctor February 9
Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, Bishop and Doctor March 18
Saint Damasus I, Pope December 11
Saint Dominic August 4
Saint Edward the Confessor, King October 13
Saint Ephrem, Deacon and Doctor June 18
Saint Eugenius, Bishop July 13
Saint Eusebius, Bishop and Martyr December 16
Saint Ferdinand III, King May 30
Saint Frances of Rome March 9
Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini December 22
Saint Francis de Sales, Bishop and Doctor January 29
Saint Francis of Assisi -- the Portiuncula October 4/August 2
Saint Francis of Assisi, Stigmata of September 17
Saint Francis Caracciolo June 4
Saint Francis Xavier December 3
Ven. Francisco Marto March 1
Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen, Martyr April 24
Saint Gabriel the Archangel March 24
Saint Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin February 27
Saint Gertrude the Great November 16
Saint Gregory Nazianzen, Bishop and Doctor May 9
Saint Gregory Thaumaturgus, Bishop November 17
Saint Gregory I (the Great), Pope and Doctor March 12
Saint Gregory VII, Pope May 25
Saint Hadrian, Martyr September 8
Saint Hedwig, Widow October 16
Saint Heinrich II, German Holy Roman Emperor July 15
Saint Helena, Empress August 18
Saint Heribert of Cologne March 16
Saint Herman Joseph April 7
Saint Hermenegild, Martyr April 13
Saint Hilary of Poitiers, Bishop and Doctor January 14
Saint Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop and Martyr February 1
Saint Ignatius of Loyola July 31
Saint Ildephonsus of Toledo, Bishop January 23
Saint Isidore of Seville, Bishop and Doctor April 4
Ven. Jacinto Marto February 20
Saint James the Greater, Apostle July 25
Saint James the Less, Apostle May 11
Saint Jean de Brébeuf, Martyr September 26
Saint Jerome, Priest and Doctor September 30
Saint Joachim, Father of the Blessed Virgin Mary August 16
Saint John the Apostle and Evangelist December 27
Saint John the Apostle before the Latin Gate May 6
Saint John the Baptist June 24
Saint John Capistrano March 28
Saint John Chrysostom, Bishop and Doctor January 27
Saint John Damascene, Doctor March 27
Saint John Eudes August 19
Saint John Francis Regis June 16
Saint John of Matha February 8
Saint John Nepomucene, Martyr May 16
Saint Josaphat, Bishop and Martyr November 14
Saint Joseph -- Devotion to Him March 19/May 1
Saint Joseph, Feast of March 19
Saint Joseph, Patron of the Dying March 19/May 1
Saint Joseph, Power of March 19/May 1
Saint Joseph's Stairs in Santa Fe March 19/May 1
Saint Joseph -- Taking Him as a Special Patron March 19/May 1
Saint Joseph the Worker May 1
Saint Jude Thaddeus, Apostle October 28
Saint Juliana Falconieri June 19
Saint Justin Martyr April 14
Saint Karl the Great, German Holy Roman Emperor January 28
Saint Konrad of Parzham, Patron of Youth April 22
Saint Lambert, Bishop and Martyr September 17 or 18
Saint Laurence, Deacon and Martyr August 10
Saint Leander, Bishop of Seville February 27
Saint Leo the Great, Pope and Doctor April 11
Saint Leo II, Pope July 3
Saint Leo IX, Pope April 19
Saint Louis, King of France August 25
Saint Lucius I, Pope and Martyr March 4
The Holy Machabees, Martyrs August 1
Saint Margaret of Scotland June 10
Saint Mark, Evangelist April 25
Saint Martin I, Pope and Martyr November 12
Saint Martin of Tours, Bishop November 11
Saint Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist September 21
Saints Maurice and the Theban Legion, Martyrs September 22
Saint Maurus (within the martyrology of Ss. Placidus and Companions) January 15
Saint Mechtilde of Helfta November 19
Saint Medard June 8
Saint Michael the Archangel May 8 and September 29
Saint Natalia (within the martyrology of Saint Hadrian) December 1
Saint Nicholas of Bari, Bishop December 6
Saint Nicholas of Tolentino September 10
Saint Norbert of Xanten, Bishop June 6
The North American Martyrs September 26
Saint Patrick, Apostle of Ireland March 17
Saint Paul the Apostle, Commemoration of June 30
Saint Paul the Apostle, Conversion of January 25
Saint Paul of the Cross April 28
Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles June 29
Saint Peter's Chains August 1
Saint Peter's Chair at Rome January 18
Saint Peter Canisius, Doctor April 27
Saint Peter of Alexandria, Bishop and Martyr November 26
Saint Peter Chrysologus, Bishop and Doctor December 4
Saint Peter Damian, Bishop and Doctor February 23
Bd. Peter Julian Eymard August 3
Saint Peter of Verona, Martyr April 29
Saint Philip, Apostle May 11
Saint Philip Benizi August 23
Saint Philip Neri May 26
Saint Pius I, Pope and Martyr July 11
Saint Pius V, Pope May 5
Saints Placidus and Companions, Martyrs October 5
Saint Polycarp, Bishop and Martyr January 26
Saints Processus and Martinianus, Martyrs July 2
Saint Pulcheria (within the martyrology of Saint Cyril of Alexandria) September 10
Saint Radegonde August 13
Saint Raphael the Archangel October 24
Saint Raymond Nonnatus August 31
Saint Remigius, Bishop October 1
Saint Rene Goupil, Martyr September 26
Saint Rose of Viterbo September 4
Saints Seven Holy Founders of the Servites February 12
Saint Silverius, Pope and Martyr June 20
Saint Simon, Apostle October 28
Saint Simon Stock and the Brown Scapular May 16
Saint Sixtus II, Pope and Martyr August 6
Saint Sophronius (within the martyrology of Saint Leo II) March 11
Saint Stanislaus of Cracow, Bishop and Martyr May 7
Saint Stephen of Hungary, King September 2
Saint Stephen the Protomartyr, Feast of December 26
Saint Stephen the Protomartyr, Finding of August 3
Saint Teresa of Avila October 15
Saint Therese of the Child Jesus — the Secret of Her Happiness October 3
Saint Therese of the Child Jesus — Our Guide in Sorrow October 3
Saint Therese of the Child Jesus — Her Magnificent Promises October 3
Saint Therese of the Child Jesus — Her Love for Our Lady of Mt. Carmel October 3
Saint Therese of the Child Jesus — Veneration of Her Relics; She Still Lives October 3
Saint Therese of the Child Jesus — Comfort for Sinners October 3
Saint Therese of the Child Jesus — Lovers of St. Therese Love Mary October 3
Saint Thomas Aquinas, Doctor March 7
Saint Thomas of Villanova, Bishop September 22
The Three Holy Kings January 6
Saint Vincent de Paul July 19
Saint Vincent Ferrer April 5
Saints Vitus, Crescentia and Modestus, Martyrs June 15
Saint Wenceslaus, Duke and Martyr September 28
Saint William, Bishop of York June 8

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