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Daily Devotions in Honor of Mary, Immaculate Queen of the Universe for the Month of May

Opening Hymn

'Tis the Month of Our Mother

'Tis the month of our Mother,
The blessed and beautiful days,
When our lips and our spirits
Are glowing with love
and with praise.

CHORUS: All hail to dear Mary,
The Guardian of our way.
To the fairest of all Queens
Be the fairest of seasons, sweet May.

Oh what peace to Her children
'Mid sorrows and trials to know,
That the love of their Mother
Hath ever a solace for woe.

On this Day, O Beautiful Mother

(On alternate days)

On this day, O beautiful Mother,
On this day, we give Thee our love.
Near thee, Madonna, Fondly we hover,
Trusting Thy gentle care to prove.

On this day we ask to share,
Dearest Mother, Thy sweet care.
Aid us 'ere our feet astray,
Wander from Thy guiding way.


Acclamations to the Queen of Heaven Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompeii
Mary, Queen of the Apostles Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament
Mary, Help of Christians The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Traditional May Hymns


"To Thee, O Mary, Immaculate Queen of the Universe, we commend all of those souls, intentions, and petitions, which have been given to us to be placed at Thy feet, during this novena in Thy honor, under the title of Mary, Immaculate Queen of the Universe."

The Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary

St. John the Evangelist saw a Woman clothed with the sun, crowned with twelve stars, and the moon under Her feet. Holy Mother Church recognizes this Woman as none other than the Blessed Virgin Mary, with Her virtues and Her privileges, especially that of Her Divine Maternity. Thus originated the "Little Crown of the Twelve Stars of the Blessed Virgin", which St. Joseph Calasanctius, St. John Berchmans, and many other saints made it a practice to recite frequently. In order to make this beautiful prayer more attractive, St. Louis Marie de Montfort added to each Hail Mary one of the praises of Our Lady with the invocation, "Rejoice, O Virgin Mary; rejoice a thousand times!"

All praise and thanksgiving be to the ever-blessed Trinity, Who hath shown unto us Mary, ever-Virgin, clothed with the sun, with the moon beneath Her feet, and on Her head a mystic crown of twelve stars.

R. Forever and ever. Amen.

I. The Crown of Excellence

To honor the Divine Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Her ineffable Virginity, Her purity without stain and Her innumerable virtues:
Let us praise and give thanks to God the Father, Who elected Her for His Daughter. R. Amen. Our Father...

1. Praise be to God the Father, Who predestined Her to be the Mother of His Son. R. Amen. Hail Mary...
Blessed art Thou, O Virgin Mary, who didst bear the Lord, the Creator of the world; Thou didst give Birth to Him Who made Thee and remainest a Virgin forever.
V. Rejoice, O Virgin Mary! R. Rejoice a thousand times!

2. Praise be to God the Father, Who preserved Her from all stain in Her Conception. R. Amen. Hail Mary...
O holy and Immaculate Virgin, I know not with what praise to extol Thee, since Thou didst bear in Thy womb the very One Whom the Heavens cannot contain.
V. Rejoice, O Virgin Mary! R. Rejoice a thousand times!

3. Praise be to God the Father, Who on Her birthday adorned Her with His choicest gifts. R. Amen. Hail Mary...
Thou art all fair, O Virgin Mary, and there is no stain in Thee.
V. Rejoice, O Virgin Mary! R. Rejoice a thousand times!

4. Praise be to God the Father, Who gave Her St. Joseph for Her pure spouse and companion. R. Amen. Hail Mary...
Thy virtues, O Virgin, surpass the stars in number.
V. Rejoice, O Virgin Mary! R. Rejoice a thousand times!

Glory be to the Father...

II. The Crown of Power

To honor the royalty of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Her magnificence, Her universal mediation, and the strength of Her rule:
Let us praise and give thanks to God the Son, Who chose Her for His Mother. R. Amen. Our Father...

5. Praise be to God the Son, Who became Incarnate in Her Womb, and abode there nine months. R. Amen. Hail Mary...
Glory be to Thee, O Empress of the world! Bring us with Thee to the joys of Heaven.
V. Rejoice, O Virgin Mary! R. Rejoice a thousand times!

6. Praise be to God the Son, Who was born of Her and was nourished at Her Breast. R. Amen. Hail Mary...
Glory be to Thee, O treasure house of the Lord's graces! Grant us a share in Thy riches.
V. Rejoice, O Virgin Mary! R. Rejoice a thousand times!

7. Praise be to God the Son, Who in His Childhood willed that Mary should teach Him. R. Amen. Hail Mary...
Glory be to Thee, O Mediatrix between God and man! Through Thee may the Almighty be favorable to us.
V. Rejoice, O Virgin Mary! R. Rejoice a thousand times!

8. Praise be to God the Son, Who revealed to Her the mysteries of the Redemption of the world. R. Amen. Hail Mary...
Glory be to Thee, who destroyest heresies and crushest demons! Be Thou our loving guide.
V. Rejoice, O Virgin Mary! R. Rejoice a thousand times!

Glory be to the Father...

III. The Crown of Goodness

To honor the mercy of the Blessed Virgin Mary toward sinners, the poor, the just, the dying, and the Poor Souls in Purgatory.
Let us praise and give thanks to God the Holy Ghost Who made Her His Spouse. R. Amen. Our Father...

9. Praise be to God the Holy Ghost, Who revealed to Her first His Name of Holy Ghost. R. Amen. Hail Mary...
Glory be to Thee, O Refuge of Sinners! Intercede for us with God.
V. Rejoice, O Virgin Mary! R. Rejoice a thousand times!

10. Praise be to God the Holy Ghost, through Whose operation She became at once Virgin and Mother. R. Amen. Hail Mary...
Glory be to Thee, O Mother of orphans! Render the Almighty favorable to us.
V. Rejoice, O Virgin Mary! R. Rejoice a thousand times!

11. Praise be to God the Holy Ghost, through Whom She became the Living Temple of the Most Holy Trinity. R. Amen. Hail Mary...
Glory be to Thee, O joy of the just! Lead us with Thee to the joys of Heaven.
V. Rejoice, O Virgin Mary! R. Rejoice a thousand times!

12. Praise be to God the Holy Ghost, by Whom She was exalted in Heaven high above all creatures. R. Amen. Hail Mary...
Glory be to Thee, who art ever ready to assist us in life and in death! Lead us with Thee to the Kingdom of Heaven!
V. Rejoice, O Virgin Mary! R. Rejoice a thousand times!

Gloria Patri...

For the Holy Catholic Church, for the propagation of the Faith, for peace and charity to reign among all true Christians, and for the uprooting of every diabolical heresy, let us pray:

Hail Mary, Daughter of God the Father; Hail Mary, Mother of God the Son; Hail Mary, Spouse of the Holy Ghost; Hail Mary, Temple of the most Holy Trinity; Hail Mary, my mistress, my treasure, my joy, Queen of my heart; my Mother, my life, my sweetness, my dearest hope, yea, my heart and my soul! I am all Thine and all that I have is Thine, O Virgin blessed above all things! Let Thy soul be in me to magnify the Lord; let Thy spirit be in me to rejoice in God my Savior. Set Thyself, O faithful Virgin, as a seal upon my heart, that in Thee and through Thee, I may be found faithful to God. Receive me, O gracious Virgin, among those whom Thou lovest and teachest, whom Thou leadest, nourishest, and protectest as Thy children. Grant that for love of Thee, I may despise all earthly consolations and ever cling to those of Heaven; until through the Holy Ghost, Thy faithful Spouse, and through Thee, His faithful Spouse, Jesus Christ, Thy Son, be formed in me for the glory of the Father. Amen.

May Crowning and Hymn

Bring flowers of the rarest, bring flowers of the fairest,
From garden and woodland and hillside and vale.
Our full hearts are swelling, our glad voices telling,
The praise of the loveliest rose of the dale.
(Reverently placing a crown made of fresh flowers upon Our Lady's statue):

(Chorus) O Mary, we crown Thee with blossoms today,
Queen of the Angels, Queen of the May. (repeat)

Our voices ascending in harmony blending,
O thus may our hearts turn dear Mother to Thee.
O thus shall we prove Thee how truly we love Thee.
How dark without Mary life's journey would be! (Chorus)

O Virgin most tender, our homage we render,
Thy love and protection, sweet Mother to win;
In danger defend us, in sorrow befriend us.
And shield our fond hearts from contagion of sin. (Chorus)

Of Mothers the dearest, oh, wilt Thou be nearest,
When life with temptation is darkly replete?
Forsake us, oh never! Our hearts be they ever
As pure as the flowers we lay at Thy feet! (Chorus)

Acclamations to the Queen of Heaven

"May Her Rosary be found in the hands of all. May She gather together small groups, or great multitudes, of Christ's faithful in churches, in homes, in hospitals, and in prisons to sing Her praises. May the name of Mary, which is sweeter than nectar and more precious than any jewel, be given the highest honor."-His Holiness Pope Pius XII (Ad Caeli Reginam)

To be devoutly prayed every day:

Leader: Beloved Mother, how sweet it is to the hearts of Thy children to proclaim Thee Immaculate Queen of the Universe. We know that Thou art the Woman, Blessed among all women-that all generations have proclaimed and shall proclaim Thee Blessed-that Thou art Mediatrix of all Graces. But now we rejoice that the royal diadem has been officially placed upon Thy Immaculate brow-by the true Vicar of Jesus Christ.

People: We salute Thee, we proclaim Thee as our beloved Sovereign, the Queen of Heaven and earth! To Thee, Celestial Queen, all glorious and all loving, be honor, glory, and love!

Sundays, Wednesdays, & Saturdays, on the Feast of the Ascension, daily during the Octave
of Pentecost, and on the Feast of Mary, Queen of the Apostles:

1. Leader: At the hour of Thy glorious Assumption-all the choirs of Heaven gathered around Thee with one acclaim. With love God the Father received His Daughter of predilection-the Holy Ghost, His chosen Spouse-and the Incarnate Word, Jesus, Thy Son, placed Thee at His right hand.

People: This feast of Thy royalty makes earth partake of the joy of Heaven. O Queen of bounty and love, help us to be docile and submissive to Thy maternal domination.

2. Leader: We salute Thee with the glorious Apostles, of whom Thou wert the Mother and the wise Counselor; O unshakable column of the infant Church.

People: Through Thy intercession, the Holy Ghost descended as a fire of love to remain with us forever.

3. Leader: Through Thy mediation, the Holy Ghost enlightened, strengthened, and inflamed the Apostles.

People: Queen of the Apostles, like Moses on the mountain, Thy prayer made fruitful their apostolic labors.

4. Leader: Descend to earth, Celestial Queen, to fill our hearts with Divine love.

People: Conquer the enemies of Christ, who fill the earth with a flood of foulness. Dispel the darkness in which so many souls are now engulfed, in the blindness of proud Rationalism, and in the smog of base Materialism.

5. Leader: Destroy the golden calf and crush the Mammon of Iniquity, that men may finally understand where true riches are to be found-in the possession of Truth, of Justice, and of Divine Charity.

People: Prepare, O Royal Shepherdess, that long-awaited hour when there will be but one Fold and one Shepherd under Christ the King, Thy Son and Thy God!

To be devoutly prayed on Mondays & Thursdays:

1. Leader: We salute Thee, O Queen of ancient Patriarchs, to whom Thou wert, even before Thy birth, the hope and consolation.

People: We acclaim Thee, Queen of holy Prophets, who foretold Thy Virginal Conception and Thy Divine Maternity.

2. Leader: With St. Elizabeth, Mother of the Precursor, St. John, who leapt for joy in his mother's womb on the blessed day of Thy Visitation, we proclaim Thee, "Blessed among women, and blessed the Fruit of Thy womb."

People: With more reason than the inhabitants of Bethulia, delivered by the courageous Judith, we cry out with enthusiasm: Thou art the glory of Jerusalem; Thou art the joy of Israel; Thou art the honor of the entire human race.

3. Leader: With the woman of the Gospel we cry: "O Jesus, blessed is the womb that bore Thee, and the breasts that nursed Thee!"

People: Because more than all others, Thy glorious Mother, O Jesus, hast heard the word of God, hast pondered it in Her heart, and hast kept it perfectly.

4. Leader: O Queen of the poor, daughter of the Kings of Juda, Who lived for thirty years in Nazareth as the humble spouse of Joseph the carpenter, bring to the world that true justice which will permit man to earn his bread in a worthy way, and will ensure him the means necessary to the practice of Christian virtue.

People: O Queen of Divine Love, drive away the spirit of hatred and contention between peoples. Unite the hearts of families, communities, and nations in true fraternal charity in a spirit of Christian justice.

Tuesdays & Fridays, and on the Feast of the Holy Cross:

1. Leader: Queen of Martyrs, standing at the foot of the Cross as the Valiant Woman, "Thy Mother's rights and Thy Mother's love were included in the holocaust."

People: Crucified by the Compassion of Thy Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, Thou cryest to us: "O all you who pass by the way, attend and see if there is any sorrow like unto My Sorrow."

2. Leader: It is therefore right and just that this Sorrowful Heart of the Co-Redemptrix should triumph in Heaven and on earth.

People: Triumph in Heaven, O Queen of Angels and joy of the elect!

3. Leader: Triumph on earth, O Immaculate Queen of Peace!

People: Make us triumph through the Blood of the Divine Lamb, and the word of our witness, even in the face of death.

4. Leader: Drive back to Hell the impure spirits who have encompassed this world and befouled so many places by indecent dress, by scandalous publications, and by debasing amusements.

People: Upon this earth, created by the Eternal Word, redeemed and washed in the Divine Blood and sanctified by His Eucharistic Presence, prepare the way for His glorious coming.

To be prayed every day:

Leader: Triumph on earth, O Queen of the Most Holy Rosary!

People: We promise Thee, O Victorious Queen, to fight beneath Thy banner, strong in faith, unshakable in confidence, aflame with Divine Charity, which Thy Divine Son came to cast upon the earth and wills to be enkindled.

All, slowly and devoutly:

Mary, Immaculate Queen of the Universe, Spouse of the Holy Ghost,
Mediatrix of All Graces; Triumph and Reign, in the Name of Jesus,
and for the Love of Jesus, Now and Forever. Amen.

(On the Feast of the Queenship the Act of Consecration is led here, followed by the Prayer of Pope Pius XII .)

Prayers tO Our Lady for the Month of May

I. Daily to the Blessed Virgin Mary during May

O most August and Blessed Virgin Mary! Holy Mother of God! Glorious Queen of Heaven and earth! Powerful Protectress of those who love Thee, and unfailing Advocate of all who invoke Thee! Look down, we beseech Thee, from Thy throne of glory on Thy devoted children; accept the solemn offering we present Thee of this month of May, specially dedicated to Thee, and receive our ardent, humble desires, that by our love and fervor we might worthily honor Thee, who, next to God, art deserving of all honor. Receive us, O Mother of Mercy, among Thy best beloved children; extend to us Thy maternal tenderness and solicitude; obtain for us a place in the Heart of Jesus, and a special share in the gifts of His grace. O deign, we beseech Thee, to recognize our claims on Thy protection, to watch over our spiritual and temporal interests, as well as those of all who are dear to us [During Mothers' Day Novena add: especially our own mothers and grandmothers, and those souls who are enrolled in the special Mothers' Day novena prayers and Masses.] O Immaculate Queen of the Universe, do Thou infuse into our souls the spirit of Christ, and teach us Thyself to become meek, humble, obedient, charitable, patient, and submissive to the Will of God.
May our hearts burn with the love of Thy Divine Son, and of Thee, His blessed Mother, not for this month alone, but for time and eternity. May we thirst for the promotion of His honor and Thine, and contribute, as far as we can, to its extension. Receive us, O Mary, the refuge of sinners! Grant us a Mother's blessing and a Mother's care, now, and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Prayer to Our Blessed Mother for Mothers' Day

O Mary Immaculate, Thou who art Queen of all mothers, on this Mothers' Day we commend unto Thy Immaculate Heart all of the Catholic mothers of the Remnant Church, especially those who have been enrolled in our Mothers' Day Masses and whose names have been placed upon the altar. We beg of Thee, O dearest Mother, to grant them special blessings on this Mothers' Day, and to grant them the grace to fulfill their sacred duties as true Catholic mothers in raising up their children with a great love and zeal for their Holy Catholic Faith, by word and example to always lead their children along the path of holiness, to never compromise in any way the teachings and the counsels of the Church, so that one day they shall be forever united with one another and with Thee in the eternal Kingdom of Thy Divine Son. Amen.

II. Prayer to Our Lady of St. Jean Marie Vianney
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday

O most Holy Virgin Mary, Thou who dost evermore stand before the most Holy Trinity, and to whom it is granted at all times to pray for us to Thy most beloved Son; pray for us in all our necessities; help us, combat for us, and obtain for us the pardon of all our sins. Help us especially at our last hour; and when we can no longer give any sign of the use of reason, then do Thou encourage us, make the Sign of the Cross for us, and fight for us against the enemy. Make in our names a Profession of Faith; favor us with a testimony of our salvation, and never let us despair of the Mercy of God. Help us to overthrow the wicked enemy. When we can no longer say: "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I place my soul in Thy hands", do Thou say it for us; when we can no longer hear human words of consolation, do Thou comfort us. Leave us not before we have been judged; and if we have to expiate our sins in Purgatory, O pray for us earnestly; and admonish our friends to procure for us a speedy enjoyment of the blessed sight of God. Sustain us in our sufferings, deliver us speedily, and lead our souls into Heaven with Thee: that, united with all the elect, we may there bless and praise our God and Thee for all eternity. Amen.

III. Act of Reparation
Monday, Wednesday & Friday

O Blessed Virgin, Mother of God, look down in mercy from Heaven, where Thou art enthroned as Queen, upon us, miserable sinners, Thine unworthy servants. Although we know full well our own unworthiness, yet in order to atone for the offenses that are done to Thee by impious and blasphemous tongues, from the depths of our hearts, we praise and extol Thee as the purest, the fairest, the holiest creature of all God's handiwork. We bless Thy holy name, we praise Thine exalted privilege of being truly Mother of God, ever Virgin, Conceived without stain of sin, Co-Redemptrix of the human race. We bless the Eternal Father, Who chose Thee in an especial way for His Daughter; we bless the Word Incarnate, Who took upon Himself our nature in Thy bosom and so made Thee His Mother; we bless the Holy Ghost, Who took Thee as His Bride. All honor, praise, and thanksgiving to the ever-blessed Trinity, Who predestined Thee and loved Thee so exceedingly from all eternity as to exalt Thee above all creatures to the most sublime heights. O Virgin, holy and merciful, obtain for all who offend Thee the grace of repentance, and graciously accept this poor act of homage from us, Thy servants, obtaining likewise for us from Thy Divine Son the pardon and remission of all our sins. Amen.

Closing Hymn

Hail Holy Queen enthroned above, O Maria!
Hail Mother of Mercy and of Love, O Maria!

CHORUS: Triumph all ye Cherubim!
Sing with us ye Seraphim!
Heaven and earth resound the hymn!
Salve, salve, salve Regina!

On Alternate days, and more frequently during Paschaltide:

Regína Cœli, lætáre, allelúia! Lætáre, allelúia!
Quia quem meruísti portáre, allelúia, allelúia!
Resurréxit sicut dixit, allelúia, allelúia!
Ora pro nobis, pro nobis Deum. Allelúia, allelúia, allelúia!

Novenas and Devotions for the Feasts of Our Lady
in the Month of May

Our Lady of Pompeii - Italy
Novena, April 28th - May 6th Feast, May 7th

The ruins of Pompeii are well known all over the world. Pompeii, an ancient city of Southern Italy, is located in the Bay of Naples, at the foot of Mount Vesuvius which erupted, covering the city with hot, bubbling lava, and burying it under cinder and ashes. The long-forgotten site was rediscovered in 1748 and has been sporadically excavated since. The story of Our Lady's shrine here is simple and beautiful. Bartolo Longo, husband of a Neapolitan Countess, arrived in Pompeii to sell the family property toward the end of the nineteenth century. A Catholic in name only, he had allowed himself to become involved with spiritualism, and was at that time enduring a struggle to retain his grip on the Faith. The crisis of his life occurred on October 9th. Walking through the ruins, he heard a distant voice speaking to him: "If you seek salvation, promulgate the Rosary. This is Mary's own promise." Deeply moved by this heavenly message, Bartolo fell on his knees and made a promise to spread the Rosary far and near. His first attempt failed miserably; the handful who came could not understand the erudite preacher he had engaged. He realized that simple folk needed a visual aid. Bartolo went to Naples to look for a picture of Our Lady of the Rosary. Unable to buy an expensive one, he settled for a cheap, dilapidated second-hand copy, entrusting it to a peasant who hauled it to Pompeii atop a manure cart! But see how Our Lady works through such humble means. Pilgrims came and miracles were reported. A beautiful basilica was begun in 1876. Popes Leo XIII, Pius X, and Pius XI cherished a great devotion to Our Lady of Pompeii.

Prayers in Honor of Our Lady of the Rosary
On the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompeii, the following prayers are prayed in full, along with the entire Rosary-fifteen decades. However, the faithful are exhorted to recite the fifteen decades every day of the month of May, and these prayers may be used for their own devotion and inspiration.

V. O God, come to my assistance.
R. O Lord, make haste to help me. Glory be to the Father...

Before the Joyful Mysteries: Monday & Thursday

O Queen of the Holy Rosary, dear Lady of Fatima, the very thought that so many have been blessed only because they had recourse to Thee with confidence, inspires us with fresh hope and courage to call upon Thee to come to our assistance. Thou didst once promise Saint Dominic that whosoever desired the grace of God should obtain it by means of Thy Rosary: with Rosary in hand, we now call upon Thee, our loving Mother, to keep Thy maternal promises. Even in these our times Thou dost work never-ceasing wonders, calling Thy children to honor Thee in Thy shrines of Pompeii, Altötting, and Fatima. Be Thou pleased, therefore, to wipe away our tears and assuage our sorrows! With our hearts upon our lips and with lively faith, we call upon Thee and invoke Thee as our Mother-Mother dearest, Mother fairest, Mother most gentle and mild-help us! O Mother and Queen of the holy Rosary, do not delay to stretch forth Thy mighty hand to save us, for without Thine aid, as Thou knowest, we shall certainly perish.

Before the Sorrowful Mysteries: Tuesday

O blessed Rosary of Mary, sweet chain that binds us to God, bond of love that makes us one with the Angels, tower of salvation amid the attacks of Hell, safe harbor in the universal shipwreck, we shall never forget Thee. Thou shalt be our consolation in the hour of death's agony, Thine shall be the last kiss of our ebbing life. The last whisper of our dying lips shall be Thy sweet Name, O Queen of the Holy Rosary, our dearest Mother, only Refuge of Sinners, Sovereign Comforter of the sorrowful. Be Thou blessed, everywhere and at all times, now and forever, on earth and in Heaven. Amen.

Before the Sorrowful Mysteries: Friday

Humbly bending at the foot of Thy throne, O great and glorious Lady, we venerate Thee in the midst of the groans and anguish that oppress our souls us beyond measure. In spite of the trials and tribulations wherewith we are encompassed, we raise our eyes with confidence to Thee who hast deigned to choose for Thy earthly habitation the country fields of the poor and forsaken. There, apart from the pagan city and amphitheatre devoted to worldly pleasures, where now reign silence and ruin, Thou, the Queen of Victories, hast lifted up Thy mighty voice to summon Thy devoted children from every quarter of the Catholic world, to build a shrine in Thy honor. Ah, be Thou moved to pity for these souls of ours, which lie trampled in the mire. Have mercy on us, dear Lady, have mercy upon us, for we are filled beyond measure with misery and humiliation. Thou who art the Help of Christians, draw us from the tribulations wherein we are miserably entangled. Thou who art our life, triumph over the death which threatens our souls in these perils to which we are exposed. Loving Mother, graciously grant us peace once again, tranquility, love and salvation. Amen.

Before the Glorious Mysteries: Wednesday & Saturday

O Virgin Immaculate and Queen of the Rosary, in these days of dead faith and triumphant impiety, Thou hast been pleased to set up Thy throne as Queen and Mother, upon the ancient site of Pompeii, the dwelling place of pagans long since dead. And from the place where once men worshiped false gods and demons, Thou, as Mother of Divine grace, dost in these our times scatter everywhere the treasures of heavenly mercies. Ah dear Mother, from that throne where Thou reignest as Queen of Mercy, turn upon us also Thy merciful countenance, and have pity upon us who have such great need of Thy assistance. Show Thyself to us, as to so many others, a true Mother of mercy: "Show Thyself a Mother"; whilst with all our hearts we salute Thee and call upon Thee as our Sovereign and Queen of the Most Holy Rosary.

Before the Glorious Mysteries: Sunday

O Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, to whom else can we have recourse, if not to Thee, who art the solace of the wretched, the comfort of the desolate, the consolation of the afflicted? We acknowledge unto Thee the great sadness of our souls, weighed down as they are by countless sins; we deserve the fires of Hell, we are totally unworthy to receive Thy favors. But art not Thou the hope of the hopeless, the great Mediatrix between man and God, our powerful advocate at the throne of the most High, and the Refuge of Sinners? Ah, do Thou only breathe one word in our behalf to Thy Divine Son, and He will hear and answer Thee. Ask Him, then, O Mother, for these favors, of which we stand so much in need... (silent pause) Thou alone canst obtain our petitions; Thou art our only hope, our consolation, our sweetness, our whole life. Such is our hope. Amen. (Memorare)

Closing Prayer: after the last decade

O Virgin and Queen of the Holy Rosary, Thou art the Beloved Daughter of our heavenly Father, the Admirable Mother of God the Son, and the Immaculate Spouse of the Holy Ghost, dispenser of His sevenfold gifts. Since Thou canst obtain all things from the ever-blessed Trinity, we entrust to Thee these our urgent petitions, provided that they be no obstacle to our eternal salvation (silent pause). We implore Thy favor and intercession, O Immaculate Lily of the Most Holy Trinity, through Thy Immaculate Conception, Thy Divine Motherhood, Thy joys, Thy sorrows and Thy triumphs; through the Sacred Heart of Thy dearest Son Jesus, and the nine months wherein Thou didst carry Him in Thy womb, throught the hardships of His Life, His bitter Passion, His Death upon the Cross, His most Holy Name, the shedding of His Precious Blood. Finally, we invoke Thee through Thine own most sweet Heart and Thy glorious Name, O Mary, Thou who art the Star of the Sea, our mighty Mistress, the Sea of Sorrow, the Gate of Heaven, and the Mother of every grace. In Thee we place our trust; from Thee we hope for all things. Remember Mother, that it is Thy task to save us. Amen.

V. Deign that I may praise Thee, O Sacred Virgin;
R. Give me strength against Thine enemies.

V. Pray for us, O Queen of the Most Holy Rosary,
R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

In honor of St. Dominic; Glory be to the Father...
In honor of St. Catherine of Sienna; Glory be...
In honor of St. Vincent Ferrer; Glory be...

Salve Regina

Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness, and our hope! To Thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve. To Thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears. Turn then, most gracious Advocate, Thine eyes of mercy towards us; and after this, our exile, show unto the blessed Fruit of Thy womb, Jesus. O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary!

V. Pray for us, O holy Mother of God;
R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ!

Let us Pray:

Mary, Immaculate Queen of the Universe,
Spouse of the Holy Ghost, Mediatrix of All Graces,
Triumph and Reign, in the Name of Jesus,
and for the Love of Jesus, now and Forever. Amen.

Mary, Queen of the Apostles
Triduum, Wednesday before the Feast of the Ascension
Feast, Saturday after the Feast of the Ascension

The Blessed Virgin Mary was present as the Mother and Queen of the Apostles at the birthday of the Church when the Holy Ghost descended upon Her and the Apostles on Pentecost Day. The Feast of Mary, Queen of the Apostles is always celebrated between the Feasts of the Ascension and Pentecost because it was Mary, Spouse of the Holy Ghost, who called down the Divine Paraclete upon the Apostles on the Feast of Pentecost. This Feast especially reminds us that Mary is properly called Queen and Mother of the Apostles, and Queen and Mother of the Church. It is traditional to call upon Her intercession for all true Catholic Bishops Who are the successors of the Apostles and who possess the Apostolic Authority over the Church and all of Her members, given to them by Christ. We commend our own Most Reverend Bishop to Mary, Queen of the Apostles, that She may assist His Excellency in governing and guiding Holy Mother Church.

Down through the ages She has accompanied in spirit and assisted the missionaries in their apostolic work because, as co-Redemptrix with Her Divine Son, She would co-operate in the salvation of souls, and thus She is traditionally invoked for all priests and religious who go forth to do the missionary work of the Church. As She was Queen of the Apostles in the Church's infancy, so She is Queen of the Apostles of our own day. Let us pray to Her for our own priests and missionaries, that She may sanctify them and aid them in their apostolic labors. Let us pray for an increase of missionary vocations. And finally, we should remember that all Catholics are called upon to be Apostles of Our Blessed Mother in praying and working for the spread of the True Catholic Faith. Let us pray that all nations may be brought under the universal Queenship of Mary by their conversion to the Catholic Faith.

"All these, with one mind, continued steadfastly in prayer, with the women and Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and with His brethren."

(Acts 1:14)

Thou art the Gate of Heaven and the Morning Star, Virgin Mary, Mother of the eternal King, and our Queen! Make us pleasing to Thy Son, for all virtue, honor, and glory shine forth from Thee. O holy Mother of God, we fly to Thy patronage. Our Mother, our Queen, take us as Thine own! Hail Mary...

Beg Thy Son to send forth laborers into His harvest, that all people may praise Thee, and all generations may call Thee blessed. Thou, the source of pardon, Thou, the Mother of Grace, Thou, the Hope of the world! Hear us as we cry to Thee. Hail Mary...

Let us Pray:

Through Thy mercy, O Lord, and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, may Thy Church increase in the number of the faithful and ever shine forth in the manifold light of virtue. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Mary speaks: "They who explain Me shall have life everlasting". (Ecclus. 24:31)

"All praise to Thee, O holy Mother of God! Thou art the world's most precious gem. Through Thee the Trinity is praised, through Thee the holy Cross is revered and honored throughout the world. Through Thee the heavens exult, the Angels and Archangels rejoice, the demons flee, and man himself is once more admitted to Heaven. Through Thee, souls bound by the chains of idolatry have been brought to know the truth and led to holy Baptism; churches have been erected throughout the world. By Thy help nations have come to repentance. Through Thee the prophets have spoken and the Apostles have preached salvation to all nations. O Mary, Virgin and Mother, who can worthily proclaim the praise of Thy power?" -St. Cyril

Let us Pray:

O Mary, ever Virgin, who because of Thy great worth God set up as Queen of the whole world, pray for our peace and salvation, for Thou didst bring forth Christ the Lord, the Savior of us all. Amen.

Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament
Novena, May 4-12 Feast, May 13th

We invoke the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title of "Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament" because She is the Mother of Jesus Who lives in the Eucharist, for it was from Her that He assumed the Flesh and Blood with which He nourishes us. Through Her we receive every grace, and consequently those graces contained in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. She was the first to practice the duties of a truly Eucharistic life, showing us by Her example how we ought to assist at Mass, receive Holy Communion, and visit the Most Blessed Sacrament. Let us love Mary, and we will love the Eucharistic Christ. Love the Eucharistic Christ, and we are not far from Mary, for the Mother and the Son are inseparable.

"My delights are to be with the children of men." (Prov. 8:31)

Let us Pray:

Lord, abide with Thy children who are refreshed by receiving Thy Body and Blood, that by the help of Thy most holy Mother we may be freed from all evil and protected in every good work. Who livest and reignest forever and ever. Amen.

O Blessed Mother of God, Mary ever Virgin, Temple of the Lord, Sanctuary of the Holy Ghost, Thou alone, without an equal, hast pleased Our Lord Jesus Christ! Happy indeed art Thou, O holy Virgin Mary, and most worthy of all praise, for from Thee arose the Sun of Justice, Christ Our Lord. Thou art blessed by the Lord, for through Thee we have partaken of the Fruit of Life.
Hail Mary...

Mary speaks: "How lovely are Thy Tabernacles, O Lord of hosts! My soul longs and faints for the courts of the Lord. My heart and soul have rejoiced in the living God...at Thy altar, O Lord of hosts, my King and my God." (Ps. 83).

Hymn: Ave Verum

Hail, true Body, truly born of the Virgin Mary mild,
Truly offered, racked and torn on the Cross, for man defiled,
From whose love-pierced, sacred Side
Flowed Thy true Blood's saving tide.
Be a foretaste sweet to me in my death's great agony,
O Thou loving, gentle One, sweetest Jesus, Mary's Son.

Let us Pray:

We pray Thee, O Lord, Our God, that by the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Thou wouldst make the Most Holy Mysteries which Thou hast given us for the preservation of our Spiritual life a remedy for us both for the present and for the future. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Prayer to Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament

O Immaculate Virgin Mary, Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Thou glory of the Christian people, joy of the universal Church, hope of the whole world, pray for us; and awaken in all true believers a lively devotion toward the Most Holy Eucharist, that so they may be made worthy to partake of the same daily.

Most holy Virgin Mary, from whose very flesh and blood was formed the Incarnate Word, Thy Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ; grant that we who revere Thee also as our own Mother, may so grow in our fervent love of our Eucharistic King, as to desire with all our hearts, to be nourished with His Most Precious Body and Blood; to live as faithful members of His Mystical Body, the Holy Catholic Church; and to be united with Him in Thy sweet company, forever and ever. Amen.

Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament, pray for us!

Mary, Help of Christians
Novena, May 15-23 Feast, May 24

Just as in the order of nature we need a mother's love and tender care, so, too, we need a mother's help in our struggles against the enemies of our souls, and especially the temptations of the world, the flesh, and the devil. Jesus gave us the Mother He chose for Himself, that She might be a Mother to us, and help us to overcome these enemies and temptations and lead a good Christian life. Therefore, when we are in need of assistance for soul or body, let us call upon our Mother, Mary, the Help of Christians. Perhaps the most renowned visible manifestation of Mary's help came on October 7, 1571, when the vastly outnumbered Christian forces at Lepanto, led by Don Juan of Austria, annihilated the Moslem Turks who threatened to invade and ravish all of Europe, stamping out every vestige of Christianity. Pope St. Pius V had ordered the recitation of the Rosary to beg Our Lady's aid, and at the actual moment of the miraculous victory, He Himself, the Vicar of Christ, was praying to Her in His private chapel. In gratitude for this triumph, the saintly Pontiff instituted the Feast of the Holy Rosary, and inserted the title "Help of Christians" into the Litany of Our Lady.

"And the wine having run short, the Mother of Jesus said to Him, 'They have no wine.' And Jesus said to Her, 'What wouldst Thou have Me to do, Woman? My hour has not yet come.' His Mother said to the attendants, 'Do whatever He tells you.'" (John 2: 3-5).

Holy Mary, help those in need; strengthen the weak; comfort the sorrowful; pray for the people; plead for priests; intercede for all women consecrated to God. May all who celebrate Thy holy feastday, obtain Thy help! Hail Mary...

Mary speaks: "I love those who love me. Those who watch for me in the morning shall find me." (Prov. viii. 17).

Hymn: Alma Redemptoris Mater

Sweet Mother of our Redeemer, hear Thou Thy people's cry,
Star of the Sea, and portal of the sky.
Holy Mother of Him Who Thee from nothing made,
Sinking, we strive, and call to Thee for aid.
Oh, by that joy which Gabriel brought to Thee,
Thou Virgin first and last, let us sinners Thy mercy see. Amen.

Let us Pray:

Almighty and merciful God, Who in the person of the Blessed Virgin Mary hast provided never-ending assistance for the defense of the Christian people, grant, we beg Thee, that, strengthened by such help, we may do battle during life, and be able to obtain victory over the treacherous foe in death. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Prayers for the Feast of Mary, Help of Christians


O Immaculate Virgin, Mother of God and our Mother, Mary, Thou seest the attacks that are everywhere made by the devil and the world upon the Catholic Faith, in which, by God's grace, we intend to live and die, in order that we may obtain to eternal glory. Do Thou, the Help of Christians, renew Thy ancient victories and save Thy children. They entrust to Thee their firm purpose never to enroll themselves in societies hostile to our holy Religion; do Thou, who art all holy, present to Thy Divine Son our good resolutions, and obtain for us the grace we need to be unshaken in their observance, even to the end of life. Console the visible Head of the Church, sustain the Catholic Episcopate, protect the clergy and people who proclaim Thee Queen; by the power of Thine intercession hasten the day when all nations shall be gathered at the feet of the chief Shepherd. Amen.

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us!


Virgin most powerful, loving helper of the Christian people, how great thanks do we not owe Thee for the assistance Thou didst give our fathers, who, when they were threatened by the Turkish infidels, invoked Thy maternal help by the devout recitation of Thy Rosary! From Heaven Thou didst see their deadly peril; Thou didst hear their voices imploring Thy compassion; and their humble prayers, enjoined by the great Pope, Saint Pius the Fifth, were acceptable unto Thee, and Thou camest quickly to deliver them. Grant, dear Mother, that in like manner the prolonged sighs of the holy Bride of Christ in these our days may come to Thy throne and engage Thy pity; do Thou, moved anew to compassion for Her, rise once again to deliver Her from the many foes who encompass Her on every side.

Even now there arises from the earth to Thy throne that beloved prayer, to win Thy mercy in these troublous times even as of old. Unhappily, our sins hinder, or at least, lessen its effect. Wherefore, dear Mother, obtain for us true sorrow for our sins and a firm resolution to face death itself rather than return to our former iniquities; we are sore distressed that, through our fault, Thy help, of which we stand in such extreme need, should be denied or come too late.

Rise, then, O Mary, incline Thyself to hear the prayers of the whole Catholic world, and beat flat to the ground the pride of those wretched men, who in their insolence blaspheme Almighty God and would destroy His Church, against which, according to the infallible words of Christ, the gates of Hell shall never prevail! Let it be seen once more that when Thou dost arise to protect the Church, Her victory is sure. Amen.


Most Holy and Immaculate Virgin Mary, our tender Mother and mighty Help of Christians, we dedicate ourselves entirely to Thy dear love and holy service. We dedicate to Thee our minds and all our thoughts, our hearts and all our affections, our bodies and all our senses and all our strength; we promise to be ever willing to labor for the greater glory of God and the salvation of souls.

Meanwhile, do Thou, O incomparable Virgin, who hast ever been the helper of the Christian people, continue to show Thyself to be so in these our days. Bring low the enemies of our holy Religion and frustrate their wicked designs. Enlighten and strengthen our clergy and religious; keep them always in close union and obedience to the Supreme Pontiff, our infallible Teacher; preserve thoughtless youth from sin and the deadly spirit of the world; increase holy vocations and multiply the number of the sacred ministers, that by means of them the Kingdom of Jesus Christ may be preserved amongst us and be extended even to the uttermost parts of the earth.

We pray Thee, moreover, dear Mother, to keep Thine eyes of mercy ever turned upon young men and maidens, who are exposed to so many dangers, as well as upon poor sinners and those who are dying; be Thou, O Mary, to them all a source of sweet hope, Thou who art the Mother of Mercy and the Gate of Heaven.

But also for ourselves do we pour forth our supplications, O mighty Mother of God. Teach us to show forth in our lives Thy virtues, especially angelic purity, deep humility, and burning love; so that by our demeanor, our words, and our example, we may, according as it is given to us, be living images of Thy blessed Son Jesus in the midst of the world, and make Thee known and loved, in the sure hope that thus we may succeed in bringing many souls to eternal salvation.

Grant unto us, O Mary, Thou Help of Christians, to be gathered under Thy maternal protection. May the thought of the love Thou bearest toward Thy devoted clients be unto us so great a source of strength as to make us victors over the enemies of our salvation, both in life and in death, that so we may come to stand about Thee in the beauty of Paradise. Amen.


Feast, May 31

Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

O Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth and tender Mother of men, in accordance with Thy ardent wish made known at Fatima, I consecrate to Thee myself, my brethren, my country and the whole human race. Reign over us and teach us how to make the Heart of Jesus reign and triumph in us and around us as It has reigned and triumphed in Thee.

Reign over us, dearest Mother, that we may be Thine in prosperity and in adversity; in joy and in sorrow; in health and in sickness; in life and in death. O most compassionate Heart of Mary, Queen of Virgins, watch over our minds and our hearts and preserve them from the deluge of impurity which Thou didst lament so sorrowfully at Fatima. We want to be pure like Thee. We want to atone for the many sins committed against Jesus and Thee. We want to call down upon our country and the whole world the peace of God in justice and charity.

Therefore, we now promise to imitate Thy virtues by the practice of a Christian life without regard to human respect. We resolve to receive Holy Communion on the First Saturday of every month and to offer Thee five decades of the Rosary each day together with our sacrifices in a spirit of reparation and penance. Amen.

Prayer of Pope Pius XII in Honor of Our Lady's Queenship

Out of the depths of this valley of tears, through which suffering humanity painfully struggles-up from the bellows of this sea, endlessly buffeted by the waves of suffering-we raise our eyes to Thee, Most Beloved Mother Mary, to be comforted by the contemplation of Thy glory and to hail Thee as Queen and Mistress of Heaven and earth, Queen and Mistress of mankind.

With legitimate filial pride, we wish to exalt Thy Queenship and to recognize it as due to the sovereign excellence of Thy entire being, O Most Sweet True Mother of Him Who is King by right, by inheritance and by conquest.

Reign, O Mother and Mistress, by showing us the path of holiness, and by guiding and assisting us that we may never stray from it.

In the heights of Heaven, Thou exercisest Thy primacy over the choirs of angels who acclaim Thee as their sovereign, and over the legions of saints who delight in beholding Thy dazzling beauty. So, too, reign over the entire human race, above all by opening the path of faith to those who do not yet know Thy Divine Son. Reign over the Church, which acknowledges and extols Thy gentle dominion and has recourse to Thee as a safe refuge amid the calamities of our day. Reign especially over that part of the Church which is persecuted and oppressed; give it strength to bear adversity, constancy never to yield under unjust compulsion, light to avoid falling into enemy snares, firmness to resist overt attack, and at every moment unwavering faithfulness to Thy kingdom.

Reign over men's minds, that they may seek only what is true; over their wills, that they may follow solely what is good; over their hearts, that they may love nothing but what Thou Thyself dost love.

Reign over individuals and over families, as well as over societies and nations; over the assemblies of the powerful, the counsels of the wise, as over the simple aspirations of the humble.

Reign in the streets and the squares, in the cities and the villages, in the air, on land, and on the sea; and hear the pious prayer of all those who recognize that Thine is a reign of mercy, in which every petition is heard, every sorrow comforted, every misfortune relieved, every infirmity healed, and in which, at a gesture from Thy gentle hands, from death itself there arises smiling life.

Obtain for us that all who now in every corner of the world, acclaim and hail Thee Queen and Mistress, may one day in Heaven enjoy the fullness of Thy kingdom in the vision of Thy Divine Son, Who with the Father and the Holy Ghost, livest and reignest forever and ever. Amen.

Traditional May Hymns for Marian Devotions and Ceremonies

1. Salve Regína
Salve Regina, Mater misericórdiæ, vita, dulcédo et spes nostra, salve. Ad te clamámus éxsules fílii Hevæ. Ad te suspirámus geméntes et flentes in hac lacrymárum valle. Eia ergo advocáta nostra, illos tuos misericórdes óculos ad nos convérte. Et Jesum benedíctum fructum ventris tui, nobis post hoc exsílium osténde. O clemens, O pia, O dulcis Virgo María.

2. Queen of the Holy Rosary
Queen of the Holy Rosary, O bless us as we pray,
And offer Thee our roses, in garlands day by day.
While from our Father's garden, with loving hearts and bold,
We gather to Thine honor, buds white and red and gold.

O Queen of the Holy Rosary! each mystery blends with Thine,
The sacred life of Jesus, in every step Divine.
Thy soul was His fair garden, Thy virgin breast His throne,
Thy thoughts His faithful mirror, reflecting Him alone.

Sweet Lady of the Rosary, white roses let us bring,
And lay them 'round Thy footstool before our Infant King.
For nestling in Thy bosom God's Son was fain to be,
The Child of Thy obedience and spotless purity.

3. Daily, Daily Sing to Mary

Daily, daily sing to Mary, sing my soul Her praises due;
All Her feasts, Her actions worship, with the heart's devotion true.
Lost in wondering contemplation, be Her majesty confessed.
Call Her Mother, call Her Virgin, happy Mother, Virgin blest!

She is mighty to deliver; call Her, trust Her lovingly;
When the tempest rages round Thee, She will calm the troubled sea.
Gifts of Heaven She has given, noble Lady! to our race;
She, the Queen, who decks Her subjects with the light of God's own grace.

Sing my tongue, the Virgin's trophies, who for us our Maker bore;
For the curse of old inflicted, peace and blessing to restore.
Sing in songs of praise unending, Sing the world's Majestic Queen!
Weary not, nor faint in telling all the gifts She gives to men.

All our joys do fall from Mary; all then join Her praise to sing:
Trembling sing the Virgin Mother, Mother of Our Lord and King.
While we sing Her awesome glory, far above our fancy's reach,
Let our hearts be quick to offer love alone the heart can teach.

4. Mother, at Your Feet

Mother, at your feet is kneeling, one who loves you, 'tis your Child;
Who has sighed so oft to see you, bless me Mother, bless your child.
Mother, when my Jesus calls me, from this world so dark and drear,
From the wily snares of Satan, shield me Mother, Mother dear.

Plead for me when Jesus judges, answer for me when He asks;
How I've spent so many moments, how performed so many tasks.
Mary, O my dearest Mother, may it e'er to me be given,
As on earth I fondly love Thee, so to love Thee still in Heav'n.

Dearest Mother, tell my Jesus, how I love Him fond and true,
And, oh Mary, dearest Mother,
Tell Him I belong to you.

5. The Fatima Ave

In Fatima's Cove on the thirteenth of May,
The Virgin Maria appeared at midday.

Refrain: Ave, ave, ave Maria. Ave, ave, ave Maria.

To three shepherd children the Virgin then spoke,
A message so hopeful of peace for all folk.

With sweet Mother's pleading She asks us to pray,
Do penance, be modest, the Rosary each day.

El trece de Mayo la Virgen María
Bajó de los cielos a Cova de Iria.

A tres pastorcitos la Madre de Dios,
Descubr'el misterio de su Corazón.

Hacéd penitencia, hacéd oración,
Por los pecadores, implorad perdón.

6. Mácula non est in Te

Daughter of a mighty Father, Maiden Patron of the May,
Angel forms around Thee gather:
Mácula non est in te.... (five times)

Mother of the Son and Savior, of the Truth, the Life, the Way,
Guide our footsteps, calm our passions:
Mácula non est in te....

Spouse of the Eternal Spirit, blossom which will ne'er decay,
Let us but Thy love inherit,
Mácula non est in te....

Daughter, Mother, Spouse of Heaven, listen to our earnest lay,
Sweetest gift to man e'er given:
Mácula non est in te....

7. Ah Her Smile (Mater Amabilis)

Ah, Her smile makes Heaven rejoice, eyes of Saints to glisten,
Even Angels at Her voice, hush their harps to listen,
And the light of Mary's eyes, adds a bliss to Paradise.
Keep your joys, oh ye unseen, we would wish no other.
Angels, you may call Her Queen; you cannot call Her Mother.

<Mother Mary, we turn to Thee, O let us then Thine own true children be.>

At the gate on reaching home, you will find Her standing;
She will be the first to come, and meet you on the landing.
At our weary exile's end, Mother, o'er our pillow bend.
Show us at our dying breath, Him we call our Savior.
In our life and in our death, O be to us a Mother.

Christians, though your storm-toss'd bark, on the sea yet linger,
Can you call the way too dark shown by Mary's finger?
Timid soul, where'er you are, She will be your guiding star.
In Her presence nothing harms, tempest may not smother;
Throw yourself into Her arms, you cannot doubt your Mother!

8. Hail Queen of Heaven

Hail Queen of Heaven, the Ocean Star, Guide of the wand'rer here below!
Thrown on life's surge we claim Thy care, save us from peril and from woe.
Mother of Christ, Star of the sea, pray for the wanderer, pray for me!

O gentle, chaste, and spotless Maid, we sinners make our Prayers through Thee;
Remind Thy Son that He has paid the price of our iniquity.
Virgin most pure, Star of the sea, pray for the Sinner, o pray for me!

Sojourners in this vale of tears, to Thee, blest Advocate we cry,
Pity our sorrows, calm our fears and soothe with hope our misery.
Refuge in grief, Star of the sea, pray for the mourner, o pray for me!

And while to Him Who reigns above, in God-head One, in Persons Three,
The source of life, of grace, of love, homage we pay on bended knee.
Do Thou bright Queen, Star of the sea, pray for Thy children, pray for me!

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