Titles of Our Lady from the Litany of Loreto

Mother of Our Creator

Mother of Our Creator Mother of Our Creator!  Is there any title which gives us a greater idea of the power of Our Blessed Lady?  The idea of God as our Creator is that which most fills us with awe and reverence towards Him and a sense of our own utter nothingness.  We have got accustomed to say, "Mother of Our Creator," so that we are not so much impressed by it, but let us try to realize what it means.  The great God Who made us, Who has absolute and entire control over every part of our being, and everything belonging to us, and before Whom we are but as little grains of the dust of which we are made!  Think of His choosing one of these little creatures of His to be His own Mother, with all the rights that a mother has over her child; what an idea of the greatness of Mary will then be ours!

That the great Creator should be Her very own Child, absolutely dependent on Her for His being, His life, His support, His food – can we ever realize how great must be Her power, when the very God Who had made Her put Himself completely in Her power?  "He Who created me rested in my tabernacle."   If we were to begin our meditations on Our Lady by this thought, we might be overcome with awe at the idea of Her greatness; and so this title does not occur till far on in the Litany, after we have deeply reflected on Her kindness, Her gentleness, Her love, Her many winning attributes, so that we shall not be frightened of this great Queen of Creation.

Very often the people we love and trust, or who love us, cannot do for us what we wish, or what they wish, for they have not the power.

But what a consolation to reflect that with Mary, who loves us so much more than anyone on earth can do, this can never be the case.   She who is so loving, gentle, kind and compassionate, is equally powerful.   There is literally nothing that She cannot do.  We may say of Her what Our Lord says of Himself: "All power is given to Her in Heaven and on earth."   On earth She gave Herself and everything She had to Our Lord, and He, Who is the most tender, the most grateful and affectionate of sons, will deny nothing to His Mother.   Whatever She asks of Him, that He will do.

Even on earth, in the days of Their poverty, Our Lord showed Mary the greatest respect.  At a simple suggestion from Her, "they have no wine," He advanced the time of His miracles, and worked His first wonder.   He even told Her that His hour had not yet come, and yet because it was His Mother who asked, He did what She desired: He changed the water into wine.  Thus would He show us what was the reverence of the Creator for His Mother.

St. Antoninus says: "The prayers of the Blessed Virgin, being the prayers of a mother, have in them something of a command, so that it is impossible that She should not obtain what She asks."  Our Lord said that He came into the world, not to break the law, but to observe it, and the law commands us to honor our father and our mother.  Other saints say that Our Lord is a debtor to His Mother, for Her consent to give Him His human nature, and thus, "the Son, as if paying a debt, grants Thee all Thy petitions."

One day St. Brigid heard Jesus say to Mary: "Ask of Me what Thou wilt.  For no petition of Thine can be void; because Thou didst never deny Me anything on earth, I will deny Thee nothing in Heaven."

But we must ourselves ask Her help.  God has made this the law: "Ask, and you shall receive, seek, and you shall find."   We must exert ourselves to ask for graces.  God is so good that He gives us many, many graces that we do not ask for; but the more we ask, the more we shall receive.   "The hungry He hath filled with good things," Mary Herself tells us.   His law is that we obtain grace by prayer.  Go then, with all confidence to Mary, the Mother of Our Creator, and ask for whatever you desire, be it little or great; She heeds not whether our requests are little or great, for She can do all.  You will never be refused, no matter what your trouble is.  "Let us go with confidence to the throne of grace," says St. Paul.  The tabernacle where the Creator rested is that "throne of grace."  By Mary's help you will prevail, for She, being the Mother of the all-powerful Creator, is omnipotent by Her intercession.

Motto: "All power is given to Me in Heaven and on earth."

Practice: Have confidence in Our Lady's power with Her Divine Son.


In the second of the celebrated debates with the impious Manes (after whom the Manichean heresy is named) in 277 by the holy Bishop Archelaus, the heresiarch having denied that Christ was born of Mary, Archelaus replied: "If such be the case, if He was not born, then obviously He did not suffer, for to suffer is impossible to one not born.  If He did not suffer, no mention can be made of the Cross; do away with the Cross, and Jesus cannot have risen from the dead.  But if Jesus be not risen, no one else can rise again; and if there is no resurrection, there can be no judgment.  In that case there is no use in keeping the commandments of God: 'Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we shall die' (1 Cor. 15: 32).  Such is the corollary to thy argument.  Confess, on the other hand, that Our Lord was born of Mary, and thence will follow the Passion, the Resurrection, and the Judgment; then the whole of Scripture is saved.  No, this is no vain question; for as the whole Law and the Prophets are contained in the two precepts of charity, so all our hope depends on the Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin."

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